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Chevalier von Stern


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Chicco Stern von Asmara was born in Ingolstadt, Bayern, Germany, on 27 December 2021. Chicco travelled by train and ship to live in Helsinki with Anne. The journey took two days. Now Chicco is enjoying his life and learning new things every day. 

Chicco is an intelligent and brave poodle.

Rannalla (11).jpg

Chicco has many hobbies: running and jumping, gardening and sniffing, ....playing with his ball or running after things .....  Chicco gets around well any where.  Chicco is training basic hunting skills with retrievers, and search and rescue with Anne. 

Chicco's best dog friend is Capitan (Capu), a collie 2,5 years older. 

Chicco kotona (lepo).jpg

Chicco is very active and his day begins with a healthy breakfast. In the mornings, Chicco takes a walk to get to know what has been happening around. The walk ends to a running session in a park. After lunch, it is time to take a nap. The afternoons are for playing and learning. It is also important to sleep enough. Dinner is around 5-6 p.m. In the evenings, Chicco plays a bit and calms down.  

Chicco pihalla.jpg

If you want to hear more about Chcco and his training, contact Chicco! 


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Chicco was offered a traineeship opportunity in a law firm Nikula Legal. 

Nikula Legal is owned by Anne Nikula. A home office is suitable for a traineeship. 

Chicco's tasks are to take care of Anne's daily exercise and welcoming Clients.

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